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In the modern portfolio theory (MPT), there are two defined management strategies:

Passive Management is the strategy of holding a well diversified portfolio of securities without attempting to outperform the market. Active Management consists of market timing the securities in order to outperform the market expected reutrns in order to get a better risk return trade off. In order to do that, you need to buy the security in an attempt to find under priced securities and selling overpriced securities which are temporarily deviated from its price equilibrium. But detecting an underpriced security and selling overpriced is a hard stuff, mainly because of the efficient market hypothesis in which market always adjust to an equilibrium.

In order to do so, we provide a state of the art predictive panel: The Seoq® Panel. Seoq® stands for Statistical Electronic Online Quotation. Seoq® Predictive Panel allows you to know the future price of a stock equity. A new way to maximize your stock trading strategy. Seoq® is an innovative predictive panel that delivers a probability of reaching different target price levels at different time frames for most of the Standard and Poors 500 stock equities of the american market every 5 minutes. Seoq® is powered by 4prox® predictive engine, a high end data mining analytical model system developed by Sdyne, Inc. specifically for the stock exchange. Learn more (tutorial).


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